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New Moon in Cancer: Who “wears the pants” or “boot”?

Published: Saturday, July 15th July 2023

A New Moon in Cancer brings a fresh start to nurturing and caring for everyone important to you. Domestic matters may also receive a stronger focus. So, don’t be surprised if you want to stay at home and surround yourself with loved ones!


Wow, this is not a straightforward New Moon. The New Moon in Cancer connects with dreamy Neptune, shock-jock Uranus and powerful Pluto. So, this annual lunar event brings significant change from multiple angles.

There’s likely to be a strong focus on the balance of power in relationships, or maybe one in particular. Who “wears the pants”? On whose foot is “the boot”? Who calls “the shots”?

The New Moon in Cancer  may appear to be the catalyst for confrontation. However, the opposite is likely to be true. Cancer is a sensitive, compassionate and caregiving sign. Neptune is at hand to strengthen those qualities.

So, a new chapter or era commences to create better balance and shared control in a relationship or partnership, whether romantic, business-related or both.

How this New Moon affects you depends on what Cancer represents in your horoscope chart. You can confirm that for free here.


You want something to be more efficient, secure and structured. However, you’re probably also painfully aware of what seems chaotic or unpredictable.

Expect soon to experience a more stable and less volatile situation. Until then, focus on the progress you are making amidst the chaos!

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes