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New Moon in Gemini: How it affects you…

Published: Saturday, May 28th May 2022

A New Moon in Gemini plays an essential part in a decision you may have wrestled with. Because Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, has been retrograde, decisiveness has been blurred.

But the New Moon and Mercury going direct occur within four days of each other.

So, the end of May and early June are likely to be a pivotal time for everyone, somehow, in some way.


“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, love that’s all around me, and so the feeling grows…’cause on my  love, you can depend.”

Those lyrics from The Troggs’ and Wet Wet Wet‘s hit singles sum up Venus‘s arrival home in Taurus.

Until June 22, the planet of love, comfort and money brings a wave of warmth and affection to your world. This particularly affects what Taurus represents in your horoscope chart.

Venus in Taurus keywords: Affectionate, committed, dependable, devoted, generous, indulgent, stable, patient, romantic, and sensual.

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This connection occurs in Aries, affecting what Aries represents in your horoscope chart.

The meaning is clear. Mars encourages action; something must be done or happen now. Jupiter inflates this need or desire, making it more intense while boosting a sense of urgency.

Enough thought has been given to what you’ll feel an undeniably strong push to take action with.

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A fresh start and clean slate is on offer within the thought-generating, communicative sign of Gemini. This annual lunar event encourages you to plant ‘the seed’ of an idea.

But Gemini dislikes rigid structures or not having the flexibility to adapt to evolving plans. So, you will need to be open-minded and accommodating toward the ‘seed’ you plant.


The planet of thinking and chatting went backward on May 10 in Gemini. That could explain misunderstandings, incorrect information, and emails, letters or Amazon parcels that went astray.

But as Mercury awakens from its three-week slumber and moves forward, clarity replaces confusion. Misinterpretations, delays, computer crashes or believing you speak an alien language to others become less of a problem.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, stay safe, don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.

Best wishes