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New Moon in Sagittarius: Dream big, act bold!

Published: Saturday, December 9th December 2023

A New Moon in Sagittarius wants us to push boundaries and see what exists beyond comfort zones. Often, we need proof of what we can accomplish before taking a bold or adventurous step.

This New Moon works the other way around. It wants us to take that step and see what far-reaching, positive change we’ve brought!


The sign of The Archer and Centaur hosts 2023’s final New Moon. Sagittarius represents a specific area of your horoscope chart; you can confirm that for free here.

The New Moon, fresh start/clean slate energy also involves Mars, Neptune and Uranus. So, it’s brought to you by the word ‘WOW’! The New Moon will spur you into action, encourage you to focus on a dream or cherished aspiration and accept that bringing that vision to fruition will mean change.

Whatever you focus on, you will pursue it with Sagittarian optimism and enthusiasm. However, Neptune’s influence urges you to set realistic expectations.

Uranus reminds you that you will deal with unpredictable situations or circumstances and that whatever changes you make must be gradual and not forced.

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Until January 1, the planet of thinking, communicating, deliveries, travel and commerce goes backwards. This is not good news where Christmas purchases are concerned.

So, if you can get all your shopping done as soon as possible, you’ll likely find that what you bought resembles its picture – or even gets delivered.

To make things more interesting, Mercury will square up to dreamy, deceptive Neptune during this retrograde, adding to misunderstandings and confusion.

However, let’s focus on the plus points, shall we? Mercury goes backwards in Capricorn, a particular area of your horoscope chart you can confirm for free here. Capricorn represents structure, realism and success that comes from determined effort.

During Mercury’s backward phase, you’re encouraged to assess what needs revising, restructuring or ambitions that could benefit from an update or upgrade.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and above all, happy.

Best wishes

Jeff's Signature