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New Moon in Scorpio: Speak openly…

Published: Saturday, October 30th October 2021

A New Moon in Scorpio could brings its share of thrills – and chills! But Venus’s extended stay in Capricorn promises to bring more grounding and realism to anything love-related, creative and money-oriented.


Regardless of what Scorpio represents in your personal horoscope chart, direct point-making or a verbal, emotional release is likely. Your feelings may have conflicted with another person’s recently. You may have also felt torn between tending to your needs and supporting a particular individual.

Now, the New Moon in Scorpio offer a chance to speak your mind, lay cards on the table, and make thoughts or feelings known.

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The planet of love, comfort, creativity, and money makes itself extra comfortable during this transit. Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn on December 19, and won’t leave the sign of the Sea-Goat until March 6 2022.

Venus in Capricorn brings a more subdued and practical approach to love. Matters of the heart take on a more serious, ambitious, and forward-looking vibe during this period. But Venus in Capricorn also offers an excellent chance to get a creative or an artistic project underway.

If you’ve questioned how much you love or feel the love within your career, you could take steps to pursue something more enjoyable.

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Until November 24, the planet of thinking and communicating plunges into private and passionate depths while in Scorpio.

You’re bound to feel more curious or determined to get to the bottom of certain matters, including your life’s trajectory. You could also be more willing to face and address any issue you avoided due to it being challenging or awkward.

You might also enjoy seeing the look on others’ faces when you raise topics that perhaps shouldn’t be discussed at the dinner table.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes