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New Moon in Taurus: It’s ULTRA spectacular!

Published: Saturday, May 4th May 2024

A New Moon in Taurus gets 2024 off to an official, proper start!

This is the event we’ve been waiting for. Not only does it illuminate new paths, but it also offers an abundance of inspiration and hope that we can – and must – harness in more than one way.

Although this potent event occurs this week, it has a six-month lifespan, so don’t expect instant miracles. But we all have a reason to celebrate, that’s for sure.


This planetary combo brings patience, perseverance, and a work ethic that could have any boss weeping tears of pride and joy.

It’s time to crush big, audacious goals and conquer tasks in ways that show others just how ‘on fire’ you are.

Show off your leadership skills, share your wisdom and allow yourself to be seen as a success guru. This Sun/Saturn link is the stuff recognition and promotions are made of.

This transit is your ‘ticket to the top.’ So, assess what needs doing, knuckle down and make a dream or two a reality!

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WOW! This New Moon is ultra spectacular!

New Moons always bring fresh starts, clean slates and new beginnings. What does Taurus represent in your horoscope chart and how will this New Moon affect you? Confirm that for free here.

This potent lunar event throws the ultimate celestial party. It includes Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn in a rare and dazzling way.

So, prepare for a mind-blowing experience! This cosmic collaboration will reveal exciting new paths.

You’re about to build sturdy foundations for dreams or one in particular to flourish. Plant seeds of intention during this New Moon and watch them blossom into epic achievements with a legacy.

This New Moon offers long-term success. So, be clear in your mind about what you yearn to accomplish or achieve before you release that genie from the bottle!

From me to you – a free, personal Life Destiny sample report!

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes

Jeff's Signature