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New Moon in Taurus: Ready to say “WOW”?

Published: Saturday, May 13th May 2023

A New Moon in Taurus occurs this week. However, as outlined below, this is no ordinary New Moon. It profoundly affects an important goal, plan or vision.

Mars brings energy to help you take the initiative or respond. Pluto is involved in helping transform current circumstances from what they are currently with something into something very new and different. And Neptune? It might just play a part in a cherished aspiration or dream coming to fruition…


My cheer relates to how painfully slow and disruptful this Mercury retrograde period has been. Many people have wondered why much has been noticeably harder with communication, making arrangements and mechanical mishaps.

Since April 21, the planet of talking, texting, travel and commerce has moved backward in Taurus. But in an area of your world, particularly what Taurus represents in your horoscope chart, you’ve had time to make plans without taking action. You’ve been able to consider your next move with taking a plan or vision to a new level. That could commence this week – or soon.

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This is big news. For the next year, the planet of good luck, optimism, abundance and mind-broadening grinds its way through Taurus’s sensual, patient and creative sign. How this affects you depends on what Jupiter and Taurus represent in your horoscope chart. You can confirm both for free here.

However, everyone, in their own way, will give considerably stronger focus on material possessions, financial growth, stability and comfort.

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Jupiter expands, Pluto transforms. So, a significant, potent change awaits you. However, this might relate to your attitudes and beliefs regarding money and financial security. If you had more “things” or money, would you truly grow as an individual?

Does your desire for material security stem from wanting to “Keep Up With the Joneses,” or is it a means to an end to help you learn something of lifelong value? If those questions are confusing now, they could become clearer shortly.

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Wow, what a powerful New Moon this is! New Moons offer fresh starts, clean slates and new beginnings. They reflect the qualities of the sign they’re in, and if you haven’t already confirmed what Taurus represents in your chart, you can do that here.

But what’s really important and jaw-dropping about this New Moon is that it rallies support from Mars, Neptune and Pluto. Therefore, a plan, project or vision you have nurtured or applied faith-driven effort toward will either come to fruition or be taken to a new, rewarding level.

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes