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Published: Monday, February 12th February 2018

Eclipses always come in pairs, roughly two weeks apart and the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius differs greatly from the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo that occurred on 31 January 2018. Uranus, the planet of surprises, rules Aquarius and is very much involved with the event, so expect the unexpected!

It’s also interesting that the next Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 27 July 2018 will also be in Aquarius. What gets discussed or put in place could come to fruition or be resolved by the end of July. Alternatively, what transpires around the end of July will be linked directly with what occurs now!

ARIES: With the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring only one day after Valentine’s Day, there could be many Aries engagements or weddings happening or planned! However, the eclipse focuses its energy on friendships, the social scene, and deeply-held wishes. Expect an array of new faces to enter your world, and at least one new connection or friendship formed will be influential and long-lasting.

TAURUS: The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse focuses on your career and status in the eyes of others. An intriguing career development or opportunity could present itself, and if you’ve grown used to moving sideways in your career, what unfolds now or shortly could move you straight up the career ladder! Some long overdue career recognition could be imminent.

GEMINI: Travel is highlighted strongly, and this could include connections with individuals based overseas or a considerable distance from your home. If your career involves dealing with people from afar, then an unusual and potentially lucrative project could land in your lap. Opportunities surrounding studying, broadcasting, and publishing could present themselves and bode well, too.

CANCER: The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse highlights money that comes from sources other than earnings. The long list includes money you lend or owe, prizes, gifts, inheritances, tax payments and refunds, bonuses, commissions, royalties, child support, alimony, mortgages, credit, loans and venture capital. Discussions surrounding one or more of the above will result in a fair outcome, even if it’s not immediate.

LEO: You might still be reeling from the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse that occurred in your sign on 31 January. However, whereas focus was squarely on you at that time, today’s New Moon Solar Eclipse targets your relationships and commitments. Whether these are romantic or business-related, prepare for a new level of commitment or collaboration in an area of your world. Big plans are about to be made or unveiled!

VIRGO: The New Moon Solar Eclipse intends to shake up at least one work-related situation or arrangement. Your everyday work environment looks set to alter and, on a separate note, a new level of technology could transform the way you work. It’s also possible you’ll be pushed to embark upon new health or fitness regime, or a health-related issue can’t be ignored any longer.

LIBRA: The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse along with accompanying aspects exert a powerful influence on affairs of the heart. If you’re a single Libran, then making an effort to meet and mingle could bring a surprising and delightful result at this time – possibly with a little help from a friend. If you’re attached, then a new beginning or fresh start is about to commence with a partner.

SCORPIO: Matters relating to your home and family are brilliantly highlighted, thanks to the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Some Scorpions might feel the time is right to move in with a partner, or vice versa. Others could find plans to move or renovate get shunted up the priority list sooner than expected. Family news that arrives unexpectedly could bring a sigh of relief or a huge smile to your face!

SAGITTARIUS: The emphasis will be on communication and the exchanging of ideas and information. The New Moon Solar Eclipse could increase and bring closure to presentations, proposals or agreements, and could also involve a need for sudden, short distance travel. If you have something you want to promote to the world via an advertising campaign, a social media campaign or a new website, then this is the time to launch one or all of the above!

CAPRICORN: The January eclipse was all about money other than your earnings. The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse is focused on earned income, financial obligations, and material possessions. Unexpected news surrounding how you can enhance your income is likely, or a valuable gift could come your way. Your material security could be transformed now, or shortly.

AQUARIUS: With your ruling planet, Uranus, the planet of surprises, involved with the eclipse in your sign, there are many possibilities surrounding where energy will be focused. One situation or arrangement you thought offered no potential could be revived in a big way. What transpires suddenly could alter one medium to long-term plan and bring it forward significantly!

PISCES: The eclipse focuses on your secret dreams, fears, hopes, and wishes. Your subconscious mind, intuition, instinct and all that’s hidden, going on behind the scenes or confidential become focal points at this time. You could prefer isolation or solitude, especially if you need to work alone on a creative interest or project. This could also be a time of healing with a health matter or regime becoming increasingly important.

Photo credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center