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New Moon Solar Eclipse: What does this awesome event mean for you?

Published: Sunday, December 22nd December 2019

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is, as far as eclipses go, an extremely positive one because it conjuncts Jupiter. Jupiter represents growth, expansion, prosperity and luck.  Jupiter is also linking superbly to Uranus at the time. Prepare to experience something extremely fortunate.


Although there are, as always, numerous events occurring during the coming week, none are as powerful as an eclipse. Its effects can last for up to six months, too.

Expect to make – or possibly be forced to make – new plans for your future. You have a superb fresh start or new beginning on offer. It could be apparent what or who needs to be released. However, it’s time to break old habits and free yourself from what has ticked along predictably, traditionally or became outdated so long ago, that you have since turned a blind eye to it.


Because it takes place in Capricorn, much depends on what Capricorn represents in your personal horoscope chart regarding where the eclipse’s energy will affect you personally. You can find out for free here.


Whether you choose to or are pushed, your most important goals are about to be turbo-charged with a strong sense of commitment and dedication – coming straight from you! Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


Mind-expanding opportunities await you, whether they involve travel, studying, media, or anything of a legal nature. Prepare for your life to head in a very new direction during the next six months. Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


Passionate partnership energy brings a new chapter where ‘deep sharing’ is concerned. Joint finances, money that comes elsewhere than earnings and intimacy are about to be transformed. Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


A time of self-awareness as you become clearer about who you are, and if your needs can be met by others in your world – or one person in particular. You could also meet someone who connects deeply with – and adores – the ‘new you’! Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


You have a chance to release – or free yourself from – self-sabotaging patterns connected with your daily routines, work, health, and service to others. Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


Have you been too humble or doubtful where your talents are concerned? If so, then not anymore! A way of expressing yourself could be met with deep appreciation – maybe even applause! Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


Your emotions and personal life are subjected to powerful change. You’re about to ‘feel’ more deeply, be more trusting of others, and discover who really has your best interests at heart. Considering moving anywhere soon? Even if the answer’s ‘no,’ don’t rule it out! Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


Whether it’s the arrival of exciting news or one conversation alters the course of events during the next six months, communication can be integral to powerful change coming your way. If you experience a Eureka Moment, then don’t ignore it! A brainwave holds massive potential. Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


Taking a stand for what you believe in could boost your confidence immensely. Who knows what can happen if you put your mind to it? Where you achieve success, a healthier bank account won’t be far behind either, during the next six months. Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


There is plenty of warmth and recognition on offer due to the eclipse occurring in your sign. If you’ve been in the background, hesitant about showing others or the world generally what you’re capable of, then expect to be put – or pushed – into the spotlight. It’s about time, too! Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


The eclipse illuminates much that has been hidden and what has been unclear looks set to become clear. If there’s something you’ve been in denial about or stuck in habitually for some time, then a significant change is coming. Get your Personal 2020 predictions.


The eclipse brings a significant shift to your circle of friends or something involving a group effort. A new friendship, connection or alliance could be integral and extremely helpful during the year ahead. Get your Personal 2020 predictions.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and, above all, be happy.

Best wishes