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What can ‘pick you up’ and boost your feel-good factor this week?

Published: Friday, January 22nd January 2021

‘Pick you up’ and feel-good vibes are on offer with a Sun/Jupiter conjunction. The Sun’s powerful energy enhances Jupiter’s luck, optimism and growth.

However, there are positive and negative points to consider with this intense connection. But these are nothing that a willingness to summon moderation, being humble – and encouraging others to be the same – won’t prevent or solve!


This event is excellent for:

– Growth – personally, professionally, and spiritually
– Enhancing your desire to enjoy the finer things in life and ‘live life to the fullest’
– Receiving compliments, gifts, and feeling more generous yourself
– Bringing positive results with new studies, relationships, investments, or projects.

So, you have an ideal opportunity to apply a confidence boost to take and important step – or stride. Additionally, you could find that genorosity you show is returned to you.


However, be careful not to be:

– Bigheaded or boastful
– Greedy
– Extravagant or wasteful
– Thoughtless or insensitive

If you can remember to apply moderation to what you say and do, then the above points shouldn’t pose any problems! In fact, there could be benefits to you in assisting others to be a bit more humble.

Also, remember that this ‘pick you up’ vibe can result in you being generous – to a fault!

This event occurs in Aquarius. Therefore, it will affect whatever Aquarius represents in your personal horoscope chart. You can confirm that here.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes