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Pluto’s return to Capricorn: What it means…

Published: Saturday, June 10th June 2023

Pluto’s return to Capricorn is a wonderful, positive event. But to have the planet of darkness, shadows, secrets, obsession and jealousy getting comfortable again in Capricorn, what we thought we’d released or waved farewell to rears its head for the last time. However, try to see this as the last gasp of a nearly-slain dragon!


There’s a very strong “sigh, here we go again” element to Pluto‘s return to Capricorn. The planet of destruction, rebuilding, regeneration and transformation entered Capricorn in 2008. It left in March to spend time in Aquarius and returns for its final stretch in Capricorn.

Because Capricorn represents structure and traditions, we’ve seen evidence of Pluto’s power on the global stage in the past 15 years. Government structures, how we make, invest and spend money, new currencies and what is and isn’t politically correct are a few examples of what has transformed.

However, since March, we’ve had a taste of what comes our way while Pluto occupies Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of technology, innovation and forward-thinking. Therefore, we will see leaps and bounds made in those areas. We’ve certinly seen and heard “AI” mentioned more frequently this year.

Pluto’s return to Capricorn gives you a final chance to reflect on the profound changes you have experienced since 2008, particularly in the area Capricorn represents in your horoscope chart. As always, you can confirm that for free here. You have undoubtedly learned a heck of a lot, had your life turned upside down and may still be reeling from the intensity of what you dealt with.

Between now and when Pluto re-enters Aquarius in January, you can reflect on how much wiser and stronger you are for all that occurred – and apply that wisdom and strength to what Pluto in Aquarius will bring you.

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This event is worth celebrating. The planet of thought, communication and travel spent an unusually long time in Taurus. Now, it moves into one of its two homes until June 26. Mercury will be happy and comfortable in Gemini’s chatty, outgoing sign.

You’ll be aware of how conversations and exchanges become more playful and lighthearted. Your communication style will likely be more articulate and eloquent. So, the coming weeks are ideal for reaching out to others, researching, writing or exchanging ideas.

If negotiation is necessary during the coming weeks in the area Gemini represents in your horoscope chart, you’ll be grateful to have Mercury on your side!

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes