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Are you prepared for how ‘push’ is about to become ‘shove’?

Published: Sunday, April 26th April 2020

‘Push’ is about to become ‘shove’ in your world – and on a global stage. Tension and rebelliousness mount. But improvements and new levels of freedom await.


Until October 4 2020, the ice body representing transformation moves backward through Capricorn. There are far-reaching implications to each of us – and on a global stage – regarding how the desire for money, recognition, and authority will be powerfully enhanced.

Between now and October, be honest about your motivations. Do you do something because you can see the positive benefits it brings? Or might a darker agenda be involved?

Pluto has undoubtedly played a part in COVID-19. But its backward motion can help to restore structure where it’s needed. Click or tap here to confirm how this event will affect you personally.


A tense or tricky conversation needs to be had. You might discover you possess the courage to say what you’ve been afraid to say or chose to keep hidden.

See an unsatisfactory situation for what it is. But say what needs to be said from the depths of your heart. If what you convey is truthful and heartfelt, then you’ll have nothing to be apologetic for.


Uncertainty exists between you and someone regarding an arrangement and where it goes from here.

In truth, it may no longer be valid as it is and needs updating. It might need a push in a new and more appropriate direction. This can happen if you don’t see an issue as bigger or more daunting than it is.


We’ve seen countless examples recently of how ‘chaos reigns supreme.’ Much in our personal lives and globally is about to become more chaotic.

The Sun represents power and authority. Uranus signifies independence and rebelliousness. Let’s see what new level of freedom this clash brings. How will this event affect you personally? Click or tap here to find out for free.

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Until next week, take care, be safe, and above all, be happy.

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