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wc161020: Reassess romance and intimacy – but what might ‘detective work’ uncover?

Published: Friday, October 16th October 2020

Reassess more than one area of your world this week. You’re encouraged to stop, ‘smell some roses’ and appreciate life, or see what needs updating in the light of how you’re evolving.


With New Moons, you need to allow a few days’ either side of them to sense their influence. New Moons bring fresh starts, clean slates, and new beginnings.

How this affects you depends on what Libra represents in your personal chart. You can find out here.

But this New Moon forms tense links with Saturn and Pluto. Whereas Libra signifies balance, you can expect balance to be disrupted.

However, this might be the cosmic ‘kick up the backside’ you need in some way. Action is about to replace thinking.


Venus in Virgo brings grounded, practical thoughts and feelings to relationships and attitudes toward love connections generally. Neptune in Pisces blurs and confuses them.

But there’s a purpose to this brief disorientation. You’re about to reassess your romantic and intimate needs. Then, it might be time to revise or update them.

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Until November 21, your desire for answers increases. You’ll want to ‘get to the bottom’ of matters. To do this, you’ll need to ask questions. Be willing to ‘investigate.’

If you’ve wanted to find out the truth about something or someone, then this is the time to make an effort to see what you discover – or uncover.

This could encourage you to reassess certain situations, people or priorities. But knowedge, they say, is power.

Scorpio affects a particular area of your horoscope chart. Find out here.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and be happy.

Best wishes