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Saturn Retrograde: A reality check and tough love…

Published: Saturday, June 22nd June 2024

Saturn retrograde may be a little while away. However, the heavens are unusually quiet this week. So, I thought I’d focus on a major event that will affect us all shortly.

Every year, the ringed planet moves backwards (or appears to move backwards; it’s an illusion), usually from April or May through September. These four or five months bring a lot to look forward to. Saturn retrograde can open the door to positive changes.

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Saturn retrograde is a time to reassess commitments, responsibilities and long-term goals. It’s a period of introspection, where we assess, sometimes with brutal honesty, the areas of our life that need more discipline and consistent effort.

Saturn rewinds in Pisces, so what Pisces represents in your personal horoscope chart is affected most. As always, you can confirm that for free here.

Below, I have outlined what each Sun sign can expect during the coming months.


Get ready to release the baggage and unleash your inner badass! It’s time to clean house—mentally and emotionally. Out with the old, in with the you that’s unstoppable. Daily mini-revolutions will lead to massive changes. Prepare to be reminded of what it feels like to release a heavy emotional weight.


It’s time to shake up your social scene and weed out the fakes! Get real about your friendships. If someone’s dragging you down, cut the cord. Seek out people who make you feel alive. Your tribe should be wild, loyal and utterly thrilling, not draining.


Climbing the career ladder? Make sure your foundation isn’t built on quicksand. This is your chance to solidify your professional empire. Check every detail, fortify your base and prepare to impress and conquer. Own your ambitions, they need you to believe and invest heartfelt effort in them.


Break self-imposed chains and expand your horizons. What’s holding you back is all in your head. Redefine what’s possible and discard the rest. Embrace new experiences on offer. A fantastic learning curve of some kind awaits if you’re willing to take a bold step – or two.


Get real about who deserves honest openness from you. Some relationships may need a shake-up. But don’t settle for less than raw, unfiltered passion and trust. Deepen your bonds or ditch the dead weight. Your heart’s too fierce for anything or anyone lukewarm.


Your relationships are about to receive plenty of realistic pondering and preparation. This is no dress rehearsal—it’s time to get serious about one-to-one connections or one in particular. Whether it’s love, work or friendship, demand authenticity and depth. Only the real deal deserves your focus and effort.

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Expect a shake-up in your daily grind. Challenges are coming, but hey, you’re ready for them! Fine-tune your routines and watch obstacles crumble. If there’s something about your work or health that you haven’t been taking as seriously as you should, this will become clear during the coming months.


Ready to unlock your emotional Pandora’s Box? It’s time to explore the depths of your feelings and artistic or creative urges. You’re helped to turn pain into poetry and madness into a masterpiece. You’re about to take heartfelt expression to a new level—and more seriously.


Home sweet home – your emotional foundations receive fresh, realistic focus. Whether it’s your relationships or living space, you’re helped to solidify your base and reassess what security and stability mean to you. Let your sanctuary become a fortress of strength and comfort.


Your words carry the power to shape reality but make sure what you say matches what you do. During the coming months, you could be more inclined to say it as you see it and not everyone will appreciate your honesty. But you’ll speak the truth, and they won’t deny that.


Money talks, and you’re about to become fluent in its language! It’s time to master your financial circumstances. Look beyond the numbers; understand the value of your resources. This isn’t just about cash—it’s about securing your future. You’re helped to make every penny count!


Because Saturn occupies your sign, you will benefit most from its backward move. This is all about how you see yourself, how you think the world sees you and how you want the world to see you. You’ve evolved since Saturn rewound in your sign last year. It’s time to reassess how you convey and project yourself to others.

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes

Jeff's Signature