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Scorpio Solar Eclipse: An ending, a beginning…

Published: Saturday, October 22nd October 2022

A Scorpio Solar Eclipse could be a dictionary definition for ‘intense.’ But this week’s powerful solar event brings the truth into the open. This might mean verbally or seeing the reality of a situation that has reached its sell-by date!


Until November 22, the Sun illuminates intense Scorpio, highlighting life’s secrets and mysteries. Scorpio is the zodiac’s detective, skilled at probing under the surface to reveal unspoken truths about ourselves, others, and the world generally. Sometimes, to see what lurks in the shadows, we must be willing to shine a light in them – and be unafraid of what we see or discover.


Love and intimacy that head into X-rated or taboo territory. Secret love affairs. Skeletons in your romantic closet. Secrets related to money. An intense, mindblowing intimate encounter. A healing and transforming bonding experience. Until November 16, Venus in Scorpio brings all the above… and more.

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The ringed planet governing discipline, responsibilities and karma went backward on June 4 in Aquarius. You can confirm what Aquarius represents in your horoscope chart and the area Saturn affects here.

A backward-moving Saturn offers a chance to prepare and learn. Both tend to come in handy or are essential when Saturn moves forward.

But as Saturn goes direct, Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, takes a swipe at it.

This could result in a sudden change of mind or heart where you have been preparing and learning. But it’s more likely we’ll see a U-turn or revised course of action on a bigger or global stage.

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This is a partial rather than total Solar Eclipse, likely to be visible only in Europe and Asia. However, it’s still powerfully significant.

This Eclipse is particularly potent because it is concerned with karmic and fated new beginnings. So, if anything seems to have run its course, it has likely served its purpose.

Space must be created for a new path that awaits. You can confirm what Scorpio represents in your horoscope chart here.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and embrace wholeheartedly the powerful changes coming your way.

Best wishes