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Sun Conjuncts Neptune: Rise and shine!

Published: Saturday, March 16th March 2024

As the Sun conjuncts Neptune this week, to say the potential exists for our imaginations to be fired up is an understatement. The Sun adds passion and creativity to what our minds create. With Neptune being the planet of imagination, something powerfully ethereal is about to permeate our consciousnesses.

We could all experience one heck of an epiphany or be delighted at the creative or artistic masterpiece we bring into this world. So, keep your mind open and pay close attention to messages that come from dreams, too.


The powerful Sun adds heat, intensity and passion to dreams and inspiration. This potent planetary combo occurs in Pisces. You can confirm for free the area of your world Pisces represents here.

You’re reminded that action always causes a reaction. Conversely, if we aim at nothing, we’re guaranteed to hit it.

So, you need to tell—and convince—yourself that certain goals, dreams or desires are within your grasp.

Investing the right kind of effort now will bring pleasing progress. Additionally, you’ll gain a fresh perspective where it is needed. This will undoubtedly make a big difference to your attitude, confidence – and life!

A personal Star Lovers report reveals what you need romantically, intimately – and the chemistry between you and someone special!


Wherever Chiron is, past emotional wounds and pain are never far behind. But this asteroid’s speciality is helping us face what wounded us in the past to learn from it and heal ourselves.

So, where do you need to face a past wound and focus on releasing an emotional weight? Mercury and Chiron meet in Aries, so whatever Aries represents in your personal horoscope will be affected by this connection. You can confirm that for free here.

However, Mercury is the cosmic Messenger. Pay close attention to the messages you receive, whether internal or external, about how to free yourself from an emotional burden you’ve likely carried for too long.

Where is luck on your side? Confirm this and more with a personal Lucky Encounters Destiny report! Here’s a sample!

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and above all, happy.

Best wishes

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