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Sun Conjuncts Pluto: Intense? Maybe a little bit…

Published: Saturday, January 14th January 2023

When the Sun conjuncts Pluto, we know about it. The Sun adds fire to Pluto’s determination to transform. But if situations feel intense this week, that’s good news.

It means an area of your world isn’t simply changing, it’s about to alter beyond recognition. This might involve a significant change within you, too.


On December 29, Mercury, the planet ruling communication, travel and commerce, went backward. Mischievous Mercury likes to create confusion, misunderstandings and delays during this time.

This year, Mercury will move backward three times. So, we can expect more fun and games in April, August and December.

But now that Mercury moves forward, clarity and sensibility arrive. Mercury retrograde occurred in Capricorn, so it is in the sign of the Sea Goat and what it represents in your chart that has been most affected. You can confirm what Capricorn represents for you free of charge here.

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You’ve heard of the saying about using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut, haven’t you? With this awesome powerful combination, think of an erupting volcano on a nuclear testing ground.

The Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. So, again, the area Capricorn represents in your personal horoscope chart is affected.

However, the intensity of this planetary combination will significantly boost your personal power and ability to influence outcomes. Pluto wants you to dig deep within yourself. Pluto is the detective of the zodiac. It loves to uncover and expose what has been concealed, and you might discover an uncomfortable truth about yourself.

But you might also look or probe too intently into others’ lives.  But remember that, when the Sun conjuncts Pluto,  showing a caring interest is one thing. Causing someone to feel you interrogate them is another.

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I wish you a memorable and successful week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and, above all, happy.

Best wishes