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Sun Conjuncts Venus: “Precarious” becomes “pleasing”

Published: Saturday, August 12th August 2023

As the Sun conjuncts Venus, we could do a lot worse than have the most powerful planet in our solar system connect with the planet of love, comfort and money.

However, a conjunction is an intense aspect. It blends two planets’ energies, which can be uncomfortable briefly. But what’s intense soon gives way to something to welcome.


What do most people believe would make them happy or happier? More money? A more satisfying love life? This planetary combo intends to bring more comfort to your world, and a particular relationship could benefit, too.

As the Sun conjuncts Venus, a bit of ingenuity blended with trust in your instincts will help you take a seemingly insignificant advantage and turn it into something bigger. Expect soon to turn a precarious situation into a very pleasing one.

The Sun conjuncts Venus in Leo. What does Leo represent in your horoscope chart? Find out for free here.


Somewhere in your world, “push” is about to meet “shove.” It is only a matter of time before both come together.

You can wait and see what happens when these two collide. Like any collision, there’s a strong possibility you’ll not find the experience pleasurable to view or be part of.

That’s why you must see the signs, “smell the coffee” or read the writing on the proverbial wall. Take action before you’re left with no alternative other than to accept what’s likely to occur.

You’re helped to take control, so allow yourself to feel powerful. You’ll soon discover how influential you really are.

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Two heads, we are told, are better than one. We also understand that many hands make light work. However, you probably don’t need help from anyone to make something special happen now.

The cosmic support you have available involves making something wonderful happen without intervention from others.

So, trust an idea or a revelation that begs for attention. It can point the way forward with a change likely to delight you.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes