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Sun in Leo: Radiate confidence and shine!

Published: Saturday, July 22nd July 2023

With the Sun in Leo, it’s time to have fun, fall in love and be creative! You have a chance to rejuvenate yourself by taking in all the wonderful little things in life that bring you delight. Get ready to roar and show who you truly are, loudly and proudly!


Until August 23, the Sun illuminates the passionate, creative and at-times-dramatic sign of Leo.

Because the Sun rules Leo, there’s something extra special about its return. With the Sun in Leo, it’s time to draw upon and apply the Sun’s qualities like sincerity, confidence, bravery, radiance, warmth and kindness.

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Until September 3, the planet of love, money and comfort moves backwards in Leo.

When any planet moves backwards, it’s big news. But there’s something particularly special and important about Venus’s reverse motion.

Venus represents what and who you like and love. It signifies the comforts you’re drawn to, where your creative talents lie, and your attitude toward forming and maintaining love relationships.

Backward-moving Venus means all of this is up for review. Does something or someone still bring you joy? How do you truly feel about somebody? Are you applying creative or artistic abilities in the right way or ways?

This is a time of self-reflection and contemplation. Existing relationships could deepen as a result. An ex-lover could make an appearance, too. But while Venus is weakened, committing to a relationship or getting married are not good ideas.

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In your horoscope chart, you have a North Node and South Node. The North Node represents your future. What do you want to become? Who are you becoming?

The South Node is your past – in previous lives and this life. What past lessons have you learned that you can apply here and now? What emotional baggage needs releasing?

With potent, purifying Pluto squaring up to both, profound change awaits. Prepare to adopt new attitudes toward who you are and where you’re heading. You may not be aware of how heavy some emotional baggage and outdated karmic patterns have become until you free yourself from them.

A Karma & Healing Destiny report highlights how successes in your past lives can be applied to this life!

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes