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Sun, Mars & Pluto: Tense but passionate energy…

Published: Saturday, October 15th October 2022

The Sun, Mars and Pluto steal the spotlight this week.

Could we have a more passionately intense, spark-to-dry-tinder trio? I think not! There’s no denying an intense week awaits.

However, whatever veers into awkward, tense or confrontational territory can just as easily be harnesssed positively and pleasurably. But keep telling yourself that you’re always one small attitude adjustment away from turning anything negative into something positive.


People sometimes speak about atmospheres feeling ‘electric.’ It’s likely you’ll experience a few sparks!

But trust that the energy available to you is extremely positive and intends to help. You have, at your disposal, the ability to repair what needs repairing within friendships, relationships and arrangements. But the more constructively you use your power and influence, the more of both you will discover you have available.

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A development you’ve waited for could be imminent. This is powerful enough to bring a new phase of your life.

Rules can be rewritten, and horizons expanded. All that is required from you is confidence mixed with a tiny amount of courage. Be brave and accept the long-awaited change manifesting. Above all, believe it has your name on it, and you’ve brought it.

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An annoying conflict could arise. It wants you to take it seriously and won’t take kindly to being ignored.

You, on the other hand, have the upper hand. While the issue is keen to ensure it receives attention, you have a choice about how much of an issue it becomes. You decide the time and effort it receives.

By all means, acknowledge whatever-it-is. But also see it for what it is – a mere storm in a proverbial tea cup.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, happy and welcome what the Sun, Mars and Pluto bring or create!

Best wishes