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Tense, passionate energy with change included…

Published: Saturday, August 6th August 2022

Tense, passionate energy could be unignorable this week. We can’t expect to get off Scot-free with Pluto, Mars and Uranus playing integral roles in this week’s events. But we can trust any change we experience is timely and cosmically-sanctioned!


These two are on a mission to create tense, passionate energy in your closest relationships. Issues surrounding control, jealousy, obsessiveness or manipulation could rear their ugly heads. Power struggles are likely, too.

Venus is sweet, loving and affectionate but may be no match for Pluto‘s dark qualities and strengths. Anyone embarking upon an affair could benefit from watching the film ‘Fatal Attraction.’ If you’re single and dating someone new, this person might conceal an unpleasant secret, so be careful.

However, with plenty of open, honest communication, power struggles and tension can pose less of a problem.

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It will be important to remind yourself that, even if you can’t change a particular situation, you can change your attitude toward it. The more you react emotionally to whatever occurs, the less able you’ll be to see and connect with the most logical, sensible solution.

People who may usually be calm, cool and collected could behave erratically or uncooperatively. But defending egos and clarifying who we are without imposed, frustrating restrictions is likely, too.

If you deal with a sudden or unexpected change, also remind yourself that the hands of a clock only move forward. If you allow time to reveal how helpful a change is, it will.

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Here we have the planet of passion connecting with the planet of dreaminess and fantasies. When these two get together, life takes on a delightfully sensual and sexy vibe.

But this energy isn’t all about sexual release or satisfying libidos. There’s plenty of compassion, sensitivity and healing at work here, too. Each could be harnessed positively toward helping people less fortunate or fighting for an important cause.

If you’re creative, passion could be strongly enhanced toward art, music, dance or drama.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes