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A New Moon, Uranus awakens: Changes won’t be subtle…

Published: Friday, January 8th January 2021

Uranus awakens after a five-month slumber as a New Moon occupies the ambitious sign of Capricorn. The universe appears keen to not waste any time getting 2021 off to a start with powerful changes.


We have a double-whammy of planetary movement.

While Mercury occupies Aquarius for an extended visit until March 15, your thoughts could be noticeably more ‘Aquarian.’

Therefore, a keener interest in technologies, a stronger desire to be different or rebellious, and more humanitarian focus or efforts are all possibilities. How might Mercury in Aquarius affect you?

Until February 1, love and comfort planet Venus glides through strict and disciplined Capricorn. Relationships cool down as we take the expression of feelings more seriously. Additionally, more time may be needed to ‘warm up’ to others.

Relationships take on more of a business-like feel. A stronger focus could be given to who can assist with career or professional ambitions – including a lover. How might Venus in Capricorn affect you?


Now that Saturn and Jupiter have departed Capricorn, Pluto is left alone to do its thing undistracted. However, this New Moon and Pluto work together.

New Moons represent fresh starts, new beginnings, and clean slates. Pluto represents transformation. Therefore, you have a fresh start in whatever area of your personal chart Capricorn represents.

But with Pluto involved, something is about to be rebuilt, not change subtly. A ‘new you’ has fresh circumstances to get to grips with. New goals and ambitions are part of this, too.


The planet of change, surprises, technology, and freedom moved backward in August.

This has given you a chance to decide what you want to break free from. You’ve had a chance to see through facades and decide what to release that you support or cling to unrealistically.

As Uranus awakens, don’t get too dramatic or take excessive action. As Uranus moves forward, you could go a bit over-the-top to bring changes or one in particular. What does Uranus’s forward move mean for you personally? Find out here!

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Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

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