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Uranus goes backward: Be prepared!

Published: Saturday, August 20th August 2022

Uranus is a planet with clout. So, when it changes trajectory, the effects are rarely invisible.

But a backward-moving Uranus can reduce or even eliminate the out-of-the-blue shocks and surprises it usually prefers to offer!


Mars‘ visit to Gemini is particularly important because of its exceptionally long time in the sign of The Twins. Until March 25 2023, the planet of raw energy, passion, competition and confrontation adds extra zest and spice to what Gemini represents in your horoscope chart.

Within this, expect to be guided strongly by curiosity and delve deeply into exploration or research.

But much of Mars’ energy will be sporadic. So, keep an eye on how many pursuits or projects you begin that get pushed to the side to make way for something that appears more interesting!

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The Sun‘s arrival in Virgo always marks the start of important new seasons. Northern hemisphere folk have autumn and winter coming. Southern hemisphere people have spring and summer to look forward to.

Virgo represents paying attention to details and giving structure to what needs it. So, until September 22, you have a chance to assess how prepared you are for coming events and where any improvements are needed. ‘Seeds’ planted earlier in the year can finally be harvested.

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Until January 22 2023, the planet of sudden change, rebelliousness and innovation moves backward.

This occurs in Taurus, affecting Taureans in the first instance and whatever Taurus represents in your personal chart.

When Uranus moves forward, we tend to respond to and deal with sudden changes as they arrive. When Uranus moves backward, we receive a ‘heads up’ with what’s changing and can prepare for it.

Early next year, a change you’ve anticipated is likely. But the universe gives you a chance to get your affairs in order rather than spring an unwelcome surprise on you!

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, be happy, healthy and wise.

Best wishes