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Uranus in Taurus: Financial Freedom

Published: Wednesday, May 2nd May 2018

History has a habit of repeating itself. Fortunately, this makes the work of any astrologer considerably easier because predictions are based on establishing what happened and why it happened. From there, logical calculations deduct what will happen again – and when.

So, with Uranus’s entry into Taurus for the first time in 84 years, we have much helpful and fascinating insight into what we can expect during its eight-year transit starting from May 15 2018.

What’s so special about Uranus in Taurus?

Taurus represents comfort and wealth. Uranus represents freedom. Put these two together, and you can see how they bring a new attitude toward ‘financial freedom.’ This will be evident on a global scale and affect each of us personally. We’ll become aware of why we needn’t accept or tolerate imposed restrictions surrounding money or our accumulation of wealth.

An uprising of some kind is in store and banks are likely to be prime targets with a demand from the masses for more flexibility regarding lending. A global economic revolution awaits, and this has an amazingly similar astrological picture to what we experienced with the global financial crisis of 2008.

Uranus in Taurus Previously

Uranus was in Taurus between 1934 and 1942. During the Second World War, rationing replaced normal currency. Uranus’ transit also occurred during The Great Depression between 1929 and 1939. Therefore, similar patterns are forming and will continue to form. As Uranus rules all things technological and electronic, is it a coincidence that Bitcoin’s strength and awareness is increasing? We saw banking systems and established organizations collapse and will see the same between now and 2026. There will be significant developments with Bitcoin and the arrival of new digital currencies to rival it.

What does Uranus in Taurus mean to you?

We can all expect a transformative period financially, particularly with money that comes from sources other than earnings. Technology will play a more integral role in removing the use of ‘hard cash.’ We could find it increasingly difficult to use traditional money during the next eight years. However, it’s important to note that Uranus isn’t interested in ‘breaking us in gently’ or introducing gradual change. It prefers to shock and surprise us. Therefore, we’ll likely feel unprepared for money-related changes that demand we adjust to them immediately.

There will be upheaval and instability associated with ‘flash crashes’ occurring on Wall Street, with major banks going bust and household-name corporations filing for bankruptcy.

However, what we will undoubtedly receive is a short, sharp shock to do away with outdated and irrelevant systems. Something better, stronger and that can be built upon to provide a more stable future will replace them.

We will all need to be more flexible and accept that we cannot cling to the past. Uranus represents the future. We can either embrace or resist it. Eventually, we’ll accept that resistance is futile, and change represents essential progression.