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Venus and Mars in Leo: Sexy, loud, and proud!

Published: Saturday, June 26th June 2021

Venus and Mars always make for an intense loved-up or passionately intimate experience. Is your love life DOA or have you had the sex life of a tree? Not for much longer! Along with your libido boosted, you might feel a powerful urge to express yourself creatively, too. But first…


Until December 1, the planet of all things dreamy goes backward.

Neptune rules, among many things, your mind’s creations, fantasies, and desires. When it moves backward, it’s time for you to deal with and resolve something that resides in the realms of your imagination.

Neptune prefers to draw attention to whatever requires focus by helping it to arrive as a sudden insight, unexpected encounter, or in a dream.

So, from now until early December, pay close attention to the subtle signs, imagery, or possibly downright bizarre coincidences that occur.

You could be certain there’s at least one important message you need to take onboard concealed in there somewhere.

Neptune moves backward in Pisces, and this has a significant meaning in an area of your personal horoscope chart. Discover this and much more with a Personal 12-Month Destiny Forecast!


Until July 21, the planet of love, luxury, and creativity graces the passionate, generous and proud sign of Leo.

That alone is wonderful. But during that time, Venus will be alongside Mars. Put these two together, and they create a powerful, inspiring, and red-hot-sexy blend of energy.

You could experience increased playfulness, a loud and proud declaration of love, and maybe something jaw-droppingly creative during this time.

Venus in Leo craves adoration. It encourages generous gestures and risk-taking. This is not a time to ‘play it safe.’

What do Venus and Mars in Leo mean for you personally? A Lucky Encounters Destiny reading will reveal all!

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes