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Venus enters Virgo, Pluto moves forward…

Published: Saturday, October 7th October 2023

Venus enters Virgo, and if there’s one thing Venus and Virgo share, it’s an appreciation of life’s finer things. Venus does things in style and has a true understanding of luxury.

Romantically and intimately, Venus in Virgo might create an almost scientific approach to love and comfort.

But Venus prefers romantic and intimate connections to involve all five senses. THAT’S something Virgo does understand!


Until November 8, the planet of love, comfort and money graces the sensual and detail-oriented sign of Virgo.

While in Virgo, Venus isn’t able to relax in the same way it can in other signs. Love requires plenty of thought and assessment. We can convince ourselves that unless we achieve a perfect relationship, we’d rather not have a relationship at all.

Virgo is also the sign of “selfless service.” So, love can be harnessed too much toward work. Try not to be so nitpicky about what you want and need with matters of the heart during the coming weeks.

You can confirm for free here what Virgo represents in your personal horoscope chart and how Venus affects this.

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Big news alert! Since 2008, everyone has had a rollercoaster-like relationship with Pluto. It entered Capricorn then and has remained there apart from a recent visit to Aquarius.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. It doesn’t simply bring change; it destroys and rebuilds. It loves to bring into the open what has been concealed or ignored.

Capricorn represents structure, authority and government. So, it’s no surprise that established structures and ways countries have been governed are crumbling.

Since May, Pluto has moved backward. This has affected the area Capricorn represents in your horoscope chart, and you can confirm that for free here.

In the area Capricorn represents, you have had some deep inward looking to do. You’ve not only had to face a fear but understand why it scares you. You’ve also had to address why you feel such a strong need to control what ought to be managed in a more relaxed way.

As Pluto moves forward, the decisions you made or answers you found get put into motion.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and above all, happy.

Best wishes