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Venus in Pisces: Fantasies…and illusions

Published: Saturday, April 2nd April 2022

Venus in Pisces might just add a bit more sparkle to your world from this week. Yes, Venus in Pisces does enjoy frolicking in dreamy worlds of rainbows and unicorns. Therefore, frequent reality checks will be needed. But, in between those, magic waits to be witnessed and embraced!


‘A job well begun is a job half done.’ So goes the old saying. But rarely do you have such a perfect time for launching a new idea or pursuit.

Success bodes well as long as you focus effort positively and constructively.

But passion must play a part in what you want to achieve or embark upon, too. If you can blend deep desire with a clear, thought-through plan, your chances of success are greater.

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Until May 2, we’ll be under a seductive love spell! The desire to fall in love and merge with the person we adore intensifies wonderfully. While Venus is in Pisces, we escape into romantic fantasy realms to forget about life’s hassles and stresses.

But while all appears magically romantic, we can also overlook shortcomings in a relationship. Love at first sight – and particularly falling in love with an illusion – is common while Venus is in Pisces.

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For an easier life, we can be a bit too quick to agree with someone because we don’t have the energy, inclination, or ability to disagree. It can also be easier to latch on to someone’s enthusiasm rather than our own reasons for being fired up about something.

Before you allow yourself to be influenced in such ways, step back and make a decision on your own without influence or pressure from someone or elsewhere.

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I wish you a successful, memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes