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W/C 10 December 2018: Thought you couldn’t do it? Think again!

Published: Friday, December 14th December 2018

This week’s most newsworthy event surrounds Mercury re-entering Sagittarius, where it will reside until January 4 2019.

It does so on Wednesday and the planet of communication, ideas and commerce forms a constant link with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion – also in Sagittarius – for most of December.

As Mercury is pushed to become more receptive to new ideas, knowledge, and ways of operating, so too will each of us.

Expect to adopt a new mindset or attitude as a result of Mercury and Jupiter’s collaborative efforts. Ways in which you’ve grown used to doing something (possibly habitually or without thinking) are about to alter.

Where you might have been adamant you didn’t want to learn how to do something, you could find yourself more receptive to doing so during coming weeks.

The results of discovering you’re more able to learn or do something than you thought you were will be far-reaching, too. You might feel pushed to have taken a certain step but will soon be grateful for the kick you received to your posterior to do so.

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I wish you a memorable and successful week.

Until next week…

Best wishes

Jeff's Signature