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W/C 19 November 2018: Facing Facts, Thinking Bigger

Published: Monday, November 19th November 2018

There’s more going on in the sky during coming days then there has been recently, so let’s take a quick look at this week’s ‘astro headliners.’


This is the third and final ‘backward motion’ of the planet of thinking, communication, and commerce this year. Mercury tends to slumber either just before or during the festive season and will be weakened until December 6. Thankfully, if you’re someone who leaves your Christmas shopping until nearer the time, then you’re unlikely to encounter problems with purchases this year – unlike last year when Mercury was retrograde until a couple of days before Christmas.

When buying anything or embarking upon travel plans – especially at Christmas – we want the planet that governs spending and travel to be supportive and not cause disruptions or delays. Fortunately, Mercury gets his act together in plenty of time before Christmas, but we must expect the usual ‘Mercury retrograde’ issues until December 6. Avoid making important decisions or commitments and that includes signing contracts. Allow for delays to journeys and possible issues related to computers or mobile phones. Back everything up now!

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The Sun is in a much happier and comfortable place when it’s at home in Sagittarius, especially after its melancholy journey through dark and mysterious Scorpio. Until December 20, we’re encouraged to look for deeper spiritual meaning in our lives. Sagittarius is the sign of the teacher and philosopher. Look back at what you’ve learned, particularly since March, and share your wisdom and experiences in any way. Above all, be willing to think and dream ‘bigger.’ Set yourself ambitious goals. You could find they’re more achievable than you thought they were.


This penultimate Full Moon of 2018 opposes Jupiter and squares up to Mars. It’s a powerful one too and intends to shine a bright light on ‘the truth’ in a particular area of our world. Expect to question certain beliefs and determine if your current circumstances involve you being honest with yourself, someone else or both. Are you in a situation more out of convenience than wanting to be in it? Facing a certain fact could result in you heading off in a new and more suitable direction.


Neptune is the planet of dreams, imagination, and compassion. When it’s retrograde, we can be prone to retreating into self-created worlds of comfort and protection. Since June, Neptune has been weakened, and once it goes direct, we’ll feel more willing to emerge from our protective and isolated worlds. We might have taken a step or two to bring some level of healing to our world since June. We might also have stepped back into the shadows to recuperate in some way. Now, as Neptune starts moving forward once again, so too do we. A particular dream might not appear as far-fetched as it once did, either!

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week…

Best wishes

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