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Direct Mercury, Big Dreams

Published: Wednesday, August 8th August 2018

With Mercury shuffling backward through the regal sign of Leo since July 26, passions have run high and will continue to do so until Sunday 19 August. Enhanced passion can be wonderful and sexy or a royal pain in the posterior. Releasing our passion might have brought a pleasing, reassuring development or caused us to wish we’d kept our mouth shut – or been more restrained. Find out for free what Leo represents in your personal chart.


The good news is, Mercury starts moving forward again on Sunday 19 August. Mercury will do its backward dance once more before the end of the year, on November 16 until December 6. If you’ve found yourself biting your tongue, choosing to say nothing instead of speaking your mind or perhaps been frustrated at circumstances that have prevented good, old-fashioned, eye-to-eye communication, then the inhibiting energy will die down quickly after the weekend.

Apart from communication, Mercury’s recent backward motion might have affected you regarding issues with something you negotiated, bought, sold or are trying to sell. Still waiting for that Amazon delivery or important correspondence you were told was sent weeks ago? It could finally find its way to you shortly.


Sunday 19 August is also an important and potentially pivotal day as Jupiter and Neptune get together for the third time since December 2017. It will be 150 years before they do so in such a way again. Seize your chance to make the most of what the planets of luck and dreams can do for you. A personal Life Destiny report can reveal more about your future. Get your free sample here.

Also, be careful if you or others have serious party plans this weekend. The planet of excess and overindulgence (Jupiter) and the planet of intoxication and inebriety (Neptune) could create hangovers so intense that it might be Tuesday before some people feel well enough to return to work!

Until next week.

Best wishes