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Importance of Birth Time in Charts

Published: Wednesday, April 18th April 2018

Your time of birth is important when casting a horoscope chart. Astrologers require a person’s birth time to cast charts accurately. Not everybody knows the time at which they were born, but a guesstimate can be better than nothing. It’s not a ‘show stopper’ though. If someone’s birth time is unknown, then a chart can still be cast. Most astrologers will use 06.00 or 12.00 as a good place to start.

Birth Time and Your Rising Sign

Your time of birth is important for many reasons, but is particularly helpful to determine an Ascendant or ‘Rising Sign.’ Rising Signs represents how we present ourselves to the world, wish to be seen by others or the ‘mask’ we wear. The word ‘mask’ refers to aspects of our personality we prefer others didn’t know about. It doesn’t relate to phoniness or insincerity. Our Rising Sign can exert an influence almost as powerful as our Sun and Moon Signs.

Also, the time at which we were born plays a significant part in shaping our personalities and attributes:

Birth Time between 00.00 and 02.00

Mercury rules this time frame. Those born during this time bracket will often possess sharp minds and an insatiable desire to learn or obtain information. Additionally, individuals will be excellent critics, have a keen interest in and knowledge of current events and travel. They will probably also have an unusually large circle of friends.

Birth Time between 02.00 and 04.00

Venus rules this time frame. Therefore, individuals born between these times tend to display many Venusian traits. These include a strong material desire and enjoyment of life with many material benefits. Enjoyment of fine food, the arts, and luxurious lifestyles are a few examples.

Birth Time between 04.00 and 06.00

Mars rules this time frame. Individuals born during these times will often possess strong leadership qualities and often gravitate toward uniformed service-type jobs. Individuals will possess a strong desire to lead but to also control. However, they’ll have a noticeable and endearing innocence and transparency within their personalities.

Birth Time between 06.00 and 08.00

People born during these times tend to be insular and complex. They can be difficult to get to know and often struggle with their feelings and emotions. They’re generally kind-hearted, sometimes generous to a fault and tend to experience most of life’s struggles earlier on in life.

Birth Time between 08.00 and 10.00

People born during these times are often the ‘networkers’ of the Zodiac. They thrive in social settings and have a strong desire to gain recognition, particularly where career aspirations are concerned. It is common for people born during these times to be leaders in some way and experts at rallying and motivating those around them.

Birth Time between 10.00 and 12.00

People born during this birth time window tend to possess outstanding levels of ambition and can even be ruthless when pursuing a goal that matters greatly to them. They are unconcerned with obstacles to progress. Their vision regarding what they want to achieve is often crystal clear, and they will relentlessly pursue a goal until they achieve it. Interestingly, these people often have strong bonds with their mother or motherly figures and certain characteristics that make them very memorable.

Birth Time between 12.00 and 14.00

People born during this birth time period are the dreamers of the Zodiac; always aspiring to find the perfect partner, perfect job or perfect home but learn, usually quite early on in life, that little in life is ever perfect. They can sometimes be obsessed with their imperfections and constantly strive to improve themselves or how others see them. They will likely have a strong travel instinct or connection with people overseas and yearn to be elsewhere, even if their desire to be elsewhere is nothing more than one of many dreams they nurture secretly.

Birth Time between 14.00 and 16.00

Individuals born at during this birth time period are often the ‘risk takers’ of the Zodiac. They can possess impulsive personalities and prefer spontaneity and chaos to predictability and stability, often impulsively taking action simply to see what the result might be. They thrive in team environments and rarely pursue jobs or relationships that provide little in the way of teamwork or challenge.

Birth Time between 16.00 and 18.00

Interestingly, individuals born during this birth time period are the Zodiac’s natural arbitrators. They adhere to a ‘peace at any cost’ lifestyle and believe strongly in ‘love conquering all.’ They are loving, spiritual individuals with a strong desire to be loved. Courteous and respectful, people born during this time bracket will have a large circle of friends. They possess a quiet wisdom that, as their life progresses, will be sought after by many.

Birth Time between 18.00 and 20.00

People born during this birth time bracket will seek to improve themselves at any given opportunity, which will likely make them very competitive but not necessarily aggressive. They thrive in team environments and are constantly measuring themselves against others who have achieved what the individual wants to achieve. Very loyal and considerate, these individuals will earn respect from peers early on in life and possibly be unaware of how sought after and respected they are among others.

Birth Time between 20.00 and 22.00

People born during these birth times are life’s natural leaders. They have a ‘Pied Piper’ quality about them and can often attract leadership positions in life effortlessly. They intrigue others keen to know them. The individual achieves without toil and effort, they know instinctively how to interact and attract in social and professional circles and their very calm but ‘make things happen’ attitude gains them respect from early on in life that rarely wanes.

Birth Time between 22.00 and 00.00

People born during these times are often difficult to understand through conveying a very peaceful, calm and laid-back demeanor that conceals ambition and drive that, when summoned, opens the eyes of all who know them. They give the impression of coasting in a carefree way through life, but when the proverbial bit gets between their teeth, they pursue their goal relentlessly. Their laid-back attitude or demeanor can often conceal a temper that rarely shows itself but surprises those who witness it. These individuals place great value on loyalty and keeping their word.