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New Planets, New Awakenings

Published: Wednesday, August 8th August 2018

Years ago, in Great Britain, there was a weekly television program called, ‘Tomorrow’s World.’ It introduced viewers to amazing, mind-boggling technological discoveries, many of which could transform human existence as we knew it back then. The show was cancelled after 38 years and I’ve yet to see the BBC’s recently revived version.

However, in its previous incarnation, after amazing discoveries and inventions were featured, we heard nothing more about them. Most were never spoken about or heard of again.

Therefore, we can be forgiven for getting excited but only to a point about the discovery of new planets. ‘Breaking News’ articles appear frequently on social media, stating the discovery of another new planet. Of course, this is exciting. However, our main interest lies in whether such planets support life. We want to know if contact with extra-terrestrials is possible. Astrologers might share such an interest, but we must await confirmation of what new planets will represent astrologically. This can take years before prominent individuals in the global astrological community agree on whether any planet will be accepted and what it will represent.


I recall Jonathan Cainer responding on television to a question asked by musician Jools Holland about the astrological implications of a new planet. Jonathan replied, “it’s a bit like you, as a pianist, discovering you have an extra key to play with.”

I’m not a pianist but can believe that having 89 keys on a piano instead of 88 is probably more unhelpful than helpful. However, the consistent and recent discovery of new planets is gradually reshaping astrology, how we view the universe and our place within it.

Where we once believed our universe ended with the three outer planets – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (yes, the recently-demoted planet to an ‘ice body’ remains as integral to astrology as it ever was) – we are increasingly aware of an array of new options and influences.

We now have Chiron, Eris, Haumea, HD 131399Ab, Makemake, 90482 Orcus, Proxima Centauri B, 50000 Quaoar, Ross 128 b, 90377 Sedna, TRAPPIST-1e, f, and g. At the time of writing, astronomers have discovered another new planet, named SIMP J01365663+0933473 about 12 times the size of Jupiter. We can predict with some certainty that at least one more will be discovered before the end of the year and certainly beyond.


Elsewhere in my site, I explain the maxim of astrology: As Above, So Below. The discovery of new planets represents new energies emerging and a new awakening in many ways. With each discovery, a new era of human evolution commences. Therefore, as the ‘above’ changes, it can be said the ‘below’ changes accordingly. The ‘below’ is each of us.

Western astrology accepts new planets. Other cultures mirror practices adhered to hundreds of years ago when only seven planets were known. Western astrology is based primarily around eight planets plus the Sun and Moon. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that we will have many more planets to incorporate within the next decade, possibly sooner.

Astrologically, new planets are associated with what coincides with their discoveries. Uranus’ discovery coincided with the discovery of electricity and the Industrial Revolution. Neptune’s discovery coincided with the invention of the camera and phonograph. Pluto’s discovery coincided with the invention of the atomic bomb. It will be fascinating to discover, years from now, what the planets lurking unseen until now will represent in astrology.