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Virgo Full Moon: Could something started recently be successful?

Published: Saturday, February 20th February 2021

A Virgo Full Moon could enhance your desire for structure in your world. It could also intensify your ‘eye for detail’.

But what might show tiny shoots of growth regarding a ‘seed’ planted around the New Moon on February 11?

This could be a sign that a plan or something embarked upon around that time can be successful. If you thought something was worthy of investing faith within, then you could feel reassured!


Since January 30, mental and communicative Mercury has appeared to move backward. Wondered why your Amazon deliveries went missing? Blame Mercury.

Wondered if others heard a foreign or unknown language when you spoke or tried to make a point? Yep, the Winged Messenger caused confusion.

Mercury doesn’t go retrograde again until May 29. If you can, have important conversations or make essential purchases before then.


Until March 21, the planet of love, comfort, money, and pleasure occupies the imaginative, compassionate and spiritual sign of Pisces.

Venus casts a hypnotic spell, encouraging love on many levels and making it easier to connect with a lover or potential sweetheart.

This is a time when ‘love at first sight’ is most likely to happen. But even though you could feel dreamier and more romantic, you could overlook others’ flaws or those of someone in particular.

Be careful about putting anyone on a pedestal, regardless of how deserving you believe they are.

What does Venus in Pisces mean for you personally? All is revealed here!


Prepare to balance an increased need for structure in your world with delightful dreaminess!

The Full Moon’s connection with Uranus and Venus makes this lunary event even more special. But think back to what you started around the time of the New Moon on February 11.

What you started around then is about to come to fruition – or show clear signs of success!

How does a Full Moon in Virgo affect you personally? You can find out here!

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and happy.

Best wishes