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Can Astrology Predict Death?

Published: Wednesday, July 25th July 2018

Back in March 2014, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting the late, great astrologer, Jonathan Cainer. He had invited anyone wanting to discuss astrology to join him with an evening seminar held in a library in Preston, England. I was one of 30 or so people who attended.

It was basically a 2-hour Q&A session. One person asked Jonathan if it was possible for an astrologer to predict someone’s death. Before answering, Jonathan asked if anyone in the audience wanted to offer some input.

I raised my hand and Jonathan invited me to speak. However, I explained to him that it might be inappropriate for me to do so, given that I was going to relay something Jonathan himself had written about this topic back in the late eighties when he was writing for ‘Today’ newspaper. He was genuinely intrigued and asked me to explain more. With his permission, I recited the story he wrote:

One day, hundreds of years ago, the King’s astrologer said, “Your Majesty, I have some bad news. I predict you will be dead within three days.”

The King replied, “This is indeed distressing news. When do you predict you will die?”

The astrologer replied, “I predict I will die in forty years’ time.”

The King had the astrologer executed immediately.

I’ve always believed that story sums up the accuracy of predicting death with astrology.


Predicting death is more accepted in India but is seen as unethical by most western astrologers. In fact, Jonathan Cainer met with an Indian astrologer while traveling in India who told him not only when he would die but how he would die. Jonathan had little faith in this prediction and said he didn’t feel he could spend the rest of his life crossing busy roads confidently with his eyes closed.

There are countless websites that state death can be predicted by astrology. However, astrology cannot predict someone’s death any more accurately than it can predict winning lottery numbers. Although astrology can predict potentially dangerous situations or identify someone’s likely health issues, it’s important to accept and understand the power of free will. Astrology is always only a guide at any time, and we always have the power to alter outcomes. If an astrologer is adamant someone will die on a certain date in a particular way and that individual commits suicide on a separate date, it confirms how able we are to apply free will at any time.

However, some astrologers have great faith in various methods, such as the ‘Pravir System.’ This was created by an Indian school teacher who devised a method of apparently predicting death astrologically. It’s outlined in a 125-page book that seems to be unavailable anywhere and not much use to anyone who isn’t fluent in Marathi. His system is regarded as accurate by some astrologers in predicting someone’s death on 3-4 different dates. Again, free will can do much to make these inaccurate.


The Eighth House is as close as astrologers can come to linking death with astrology. This sector describes our attitude to sex and the links between sex and birth, and birth and death. It rules our ability to understand – and deal with – the transience of existence. Some astrologers believe the Eighth House offers insight into our death in this lifetime and any surrounding issues related to it. However, there is much to consider with this: the sign the Eighth House occupies, the planet(s) occupying it, the aspects made to it or them and aspects to the Eighth House cusp. Even then, predicting can be, at best, vague because the Eighth House governs all that is hidden and concealed.

No specific planet is associated directly with death. Sure, Saturn can bring endings and Pluto, associated with The Underworld and anything considering taboo, brings transformations. However, no planet is considered a bad omen. Any attempt to predict death with astrology requires looking at the natal chart as a whole, progressions, transits and then connecting all of these with what’s occurring in the sky at the time or in the future. But no astrologer can accurately predict someone’s death and/or manner of death.

More importantly, nobody has the right to try to make such a prediction, either.